MSM is an organic sulfur compound that has amazing skin softening qualities. It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean yet fresh and moisturized.Sulfur soap is a type of body wash that has numerous health benefits. These benefits can range from treating skin disorders to simply cleaning your body efficiently. Understanding the benefits of sulfur soap is important in determining if using it is the best choice for you.

The non-nano Zinc Oxide added to the soap has a calming effect on irritated skin so if you have sensitive skin or suffer from acne, eczema or itchy skin, this is the soap for you.

Neem oil has insecticidal properties, is antibacterial and antifungal, soothing and moisturising… Neem oil soap is a real treat for the skin, even for healthy skin.


Lard, Collodial silver, Water, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Hydroxide sodium, Organic sulfur, Neem oil, Zinc oxide, Glycerine, Gold mica oxide.



It’s perfect for all seasons and all skin types.


Acne Treatment

One of the features of sulfur is that it causes the skin to dry out a bit and peel. When there is acne on your skin, your skin is more moist and oily than normal. Since sulfur dries the skin out, it will help decrease the inflammation of pimples and other blemishes on your skin. Sulfur can also help decrease the appearance of whiteheads on your skin by decreasing the oiliness and preventing pores from becoming blocked.

Because of sulfur’s ability to dry the skin out, it is used to treat any common skin conditions, in addition to having antibacterial and antiseptic benefits.

Scabies Treatment

Scabies occurs when microscopic mites bury themselves under the skin. This causes itching, soreness and rashes. Sulfur is toxic and can kill these mites, which makes the use of sulfur soap an effective way to get rid of scabies.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is caused by fungus growing on your skin, which can make your skin greasy, red, flaky and scaly. This skin disease can occur in many place on your body, including your face, chest, armpits and hairline. Sulfur soap helps kill the fungus and remove it, which can help treat the seborrheic dermatitis.


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes redness and blemishes or bumps on the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. It can also occur on your scalp, chest, neck and ears. The redness becomes more persistent if this disorder is not treated and can become extremely uncomfortable. If left untreated for long periods of time, blood vessels, referred to as spider veins, may become visible. Sulfur soap, with its drying abilities, can help reduce the redness and clear up rosacea bumps that flare up on your skin.


Prevent sunburn

Doing outdoor activities is fun. But if we stay too long under the sunlight, it will make the skin burn. The one of characteristic of sunburn is the skin looks reddish and feel warm. Using product of zinc oxide before doing outdoor activities will prevent the skin from sunburn.

Treat wound and ulcer

There are many product to treat a wound and ulcer. Zinc oxide also have function to treat wound and ulcer, because zinc oxide compound many good essence that good for body even for wound and ulcer. Remove wart

Stop acne

Acne is one of skin problem. It is usually appear in face. Although acne is not a serious problem but it make someone uncomfortable because its acne in their face. One of solution to stop acne is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide can stop acne and make the face to be flawless.

Shrink pores

Having face skin with wide pore will make acne easily grow up. Using zinc oxide regularly will shrink pores especially in face skin. Zinc oxide generally used to treat skin problem today. This properties helps to heal skin in many ways just like dietary zinc. Mini zinc oxide with titanium dioxide may clog the pores. This properties also subtle astringent material and act like drying agent.

Treat rosacea

Most people use zinc oxide as oral and topical treatment. Zinc oxide is the simplest and the most effective to cure rosacea naturally. This material can reduce the redness and rosacea irritation. Rosacea happens because inflammatory skin disorder. Rosacea can be signed in red skin and going better with inorganic treatment such as zinc oxide.

Remove psoriasis

The benefit treatment for psoriasis is more effective if collaborated with phenol. The option to treat severe psoriasis may use topical and oral of zinc oxide. Using zinc oxide around the psoriasis area can protect and heal the skin. Psoriasis often happens because inflammation in skin.

Against eczema

For long time ago, zinc oxide has been used to cure eczema. The topical solutions of zinc oxide is helpful for eczema. Eczema also resulted from inflammation and skin condition. The oral zinc supplement seems has benefit for eczema and other skin problem. Use the zinc oxide with before go to bed and it almost instantly removed the flake.

Reduce wrinkles

As we got older, we can stop wrinkles of skin. However, zinc oxide component will help us to reduce some wrinkles of skin and make us will be younger. Zinc oxide is chemical properties that used in skin care treatment. The fiber regeneration leads to relieve the wrinkle appearance. The topical zinc oxide when applied have many advantages to the skin.


The benefits of zinc oxide is also for head skin. One of problem in head skin or hair is dandruff. Almost everyone have a problem in their hair like dandruff. Dandruff make some uncomfortable too with their head sin or hair. Zinc oxide is a solution because it has benefits to clear dandruff.

UV protection

Sun light has negative effect for the skin. It can make skin damage even can make cancer. That is why there are many product to protect skin from sunlight. Zinc oxide have function as UV protection. So before doing activity at noon it is better to use zinc oxide.

Skin healing

The element of zinc oxide can make skin healing. The antioxidant has a function to keep the skin work normally, and has a role to protect the skin from UV. Zinc oxide is the most powerful properties to prevent and heal the skin. Skin healing may get from topical zinc oxide.

Treat cold sores

This condition characterized by blister that show in your lips or around the mouth. The first infection can be placed inside the mouth, but if not treated immediately may appear outside of the mouth or lips. In some research to people who used zinc oxide routinely saw them heal faster. Zinc oxide can heal faster than people who used a placebo cream. An oral or topical zinc supplement can help inhibit cold sore.

Treat diaper rash

Diaper rash is one of problem that happen to baby. The content of zinc oxide also safe to use to baby. It helps to treat diaper rash on baby. Applied zinc oxide create a barrier to diaper rash spread. Zinc oxide is a topical product to protect for mild skin. This properties usually used to treat and prevent diaper rash from forming.

Relieve melasma

Zinc oxide is provided in skin protection. With the pure concentration, zinc oxide is the best agent to provide healthy skin. Melasma is the most difficult conditions to cure. You can use zinc oxide with the makeup or cream that contained this properties. Zinc oxide ointment can reduce the melasma symptom according to the research. Sunscreen that contained zinc oxide and iron oxide is better for people with melasma.


Condition Dry Skin

Neem oil is an excellent skin conditioner, particularly for dry skin which is most commonly found on the face, hands and the feet because they are the most exposed and most frequently washed parts of the body. Being hydrophobic in nature, neem oil does not mix with water, so it locks in moisture when applied in a thin layer over the skin. Neem oil also resists getting washed off when we wash our hands and face to get rid of dust and grime.

Because of its potency, application of neem oil at full strength can irritate skin and may also be quite offensive due to its pungent odor. Instead, try diluting neem with coconut oil and mix in a few drops of lemon or lavender essential oil to make it more tolerable on the skin as well as the olfactory sense.

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Control Acne

Acne may be an outcome of the overproduction of sebum by the skin glands under the influence of reproductive hormones, but it usually becomes a bigger problem with bacterial proliferation inside the hair follicles. Even at very low concentrations, regular use of neem oil can effectively inhibit bacterial growth and is a much safer alternative to antibacterial face washes, lotions and creams which often contain toxic chemicals.

Neem oil is anti-inflammatory and can help to reduce the redness, pain and itching associated with acne. The high fatty acid content of the oil also helps to heal skin damaged by acne and reduce the potential for scarring or pitting.

To use neem oil for acne control, warm a teaspoonful of coconut oil or olive oil and mix in 10 drops of organic cold-pressed neem oil. Apply on the face and wash it off after an hour, or leave it overnight, depending on your tolerance level.

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Relieve Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema is an allergic reaction to external irritants while psoriasis is an autoimmune condition. Although neem oil cannot cure either of the conditions, it can help bring down the associated inflammation. It can also soften the skin on the affected area by forming a protective layer that prevents the skin from drying out.

Frequent scratching of the affected area often results in cuts and breaks in the skin that can then become the breeding ground of germs, exacerbating the skin condition. Neem oil can effectively prevent such complications.1

Reduce Skin Pigmentation

Overproduction of melanin in some areas of the skin can mar the complexion. With regular use, neem oil can lighten areas of hyper pigmentation by down regulating melanin production. Spot application with an ear bud dipped in the oil may be sufficient for small areas. Check for sensitivity on your inner arm area before using full strength oil on affected areas on the face or neck.

Counteract the Ill Effects of Sun Exposure

Exposure to the harmful effects of the ultraviolet radiation through sun exposure can damage the skin on several levels besides causing painful inflammation. UV rays penetrate through the outer layers of the skin and destroy the collagen layer underneath. It results in the formation of fine lines that make the skin look aged. This is known as photo aging, and is as real as the normal aging process.

Ultraviolet rays also produce free radicals in the skin, which have the potential to trigger skin cancer. You may be taking ample precautions when you expect to be out in the sun, but sometimes accidental exposure can occur. Neem oil can be an excellent post-exposure remedy. Its anti-inflammatory property reduces pain and redness on the skin, the antioxidants in the oil can take care of the free radicals and the fatty acids can help restore collagen to some extent.


Soothe Burns, Cuts & Scrapes

Colloidal silver stimulates skin and tissue healing while reducing inflammation, meaning it’s a perfect treatment for minor cuts and scrapes.

Furthermore, a research article, published in Pharmacognosy Communications, recommends that colloidal silver be seriously considered for topical use in treating burns.

Ease Skin Conditions

Psoriasis, pimples, blackheads, white heads, cysts and red, inflamed skin are all painful, uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing skin conditions.

Whether these issues are caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi, they can benefit from a silver treatment, which also helps speed the repair of damaged tissues.