Chocolate Vanilla Soap

This one is full of kindness & love with about a tablespoon of good spirits and a dash of bliss, a little bit of chocolate and a pinch of vanilla and a cupful of good clean fun!!

Enjoy the sweet scent of vanilla and chocolate combined in this creamy cocoa butter bar.

Chocolate and vanilla is one of the best combinations on the planet. The deepness of the chocolate and the sweet mellowness of the vanilla work so well together. This is one of best loved soaps. The Olive oil and the cocoa butter are wonderful moisturizers.


Olive oil, Water, Lard, Cococnut oil, Hydroxide sodium, Cocoa Butter, Raw Cocoa powder, F.O. Chocolate, F.O. Vanilla, Vanilla powder, Milk powder, Cornstarch, Titanium dioxide.

45g +-5%

Natural Cold Process Soap