Carrot Calendula Bastille Soap

This baby soap is for little ones, and big ones, who want a super gentle soap.

To create this soap i used olive oil and coconut oil. The olive oil is a powerhouse of healing for the skin and the coconut oil gives this soap some beautiful lather.

I added calendula for even more healing powers. Calendula is great for healing rashes, scratches, chapped skin, insect bites, burns and damaged skin. Calendula is anti-inflammatory and is both antibacterial and antiviral. Carrots also have great healing properties.

Carrots are high in vitamin A and have anti-inflammatory abilities. To make this fantastic soap even better i used goat milk for the liquid. Goat milk has been used for centuries in soap for it’s ability to make a very gentle and healing soap. It just doesn’t get much better than this for baby skin.



Calendula infused Olive oil, Coconut oil, Carrot puree, Water, Hydroxide sodium, Goat milk, Castor oil, Calendula flower powder, Sodium Lactate, Paprika powder, Red oxide.

What is bastille? Bastille is a term affectionately coined by soapers for soap that is made with a high percentage of olive oil. Castille is 100% olive oil soap and bastille is soap made with 70% (or more) olive oil but contains other oils or butters.

Castille on its own is not very bubbly but if you add a bit of coconut oil and buttermilk you can boost the bubbles a bit but keep the mildness of the high olive oil content. Buttermilk contains sugar which helps boost the bubbles as well.

READY 1.9.2017